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Lille, France.



Founded in 1998, Rencontres Audiovisuelles is an association based in Lille (France), specialised in showcasing independent visual creation and digital arts, as well as developing educational projects around images:
Fête de l’anim’ (Animation Festival, Lille and Valenciennes, 20 000 entries): more than 200 professionals and students from all over Europe participating
International Short Film Festival (Lille, 15 000 entries)
L’hybride, an independent audiovisual centre opened in 2007: screenings, transdisciplinarity, digital art residencies, exhibitions, bar…
Ciné Soup: a touring short film program to introduce independent short and animated films in small and isolated towns and villages; and gather the audience around a bowl of soup to discuss the screening
Workshops, screenings and mapping, in collaboration with sociocultural structures (schools, social centers…) to increase young people’s awareness to images
Serious games: “Images 2.0” and “Anim 2.0”
Digital Stories: research and residences on collective interaction


picto_euranim_oeil_noir  Rencontres Audiovisuelles and video mapping

Rencontres Audiovisuelles has specialised in video mapping (immersive, interactive, on objects or facades) through different activities:
picto_euranim_horizontal_noir Video Mapping Contest: international video mapping competition taking place each year in September during the European Heritage Days.
picto_euranim_horizontal_noir Creations: production of video mapping performances on buildings, objects, indoor, for events, on stages, etc.
picto_euranim_horizontal_noir Trainings: in order to support the evolution of this creative sector and facilitate the adaptation to new jobs, Rencontres Audiovisuelles offer trainings for young professionals, especially from the animation or VJing sectors.
picto_euranim_horizontal_noir Residencies for young video mapping artists, always followed by a public screening.
picto_euranim_horizontal_noir Workshops for animation students and professionals, or in collaboration with sociocultural organisations. Rencontres Audiovisuelles organises workshops for a group of people on how to use tools and how to write and create video mapping for a building in the city or on objects.

Locations that have been mapped through a residency, a workshop or a contest:
Lille’s Opera House, Théâtre du Nord, Rihour Square’s War Memorial, L’hybride in Lille, Roubaix’s train station, Dunkirk public baths, Dunkirk’s prison, FogasHáz (Budapest), etc.

All of the association’s videos: Link


picto_euranim_oeil_noir  Rencontres Audiovisuelles and Euranim

Rencontres Audiovisuelles is the project’s lead partner and welcomed the first video mapping workshop in L’hybride, Lille, in September 2015. This workshop allowed the creation of a futuristic video mapping exhibition on everyday objects, “The Museum of the 23rd Century”.
Also, each year during Fête de l’anim’, Rencontres Audiovisuelles and its Euranim partners will organise creative challenges, masterclasses and job dating sessions to create links between students, professionals and the general public, as well as to build bridges between animation, video games and video mapping.


picto_euranim_oeil_vert  Gallery




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