picto_euranim_horizontal_noir  Euranim is a three-year educational program exploring a novel, innovative use of animation, while presenting progressive technical possibilities: video mapping.
This technique is still emerging and consists in using objects to turn them into a display surface for video projection. The objects used can be large like landscapes or façades or smaller, like everyday objects.


picto_euranim_horizontal_noir  The project will allow young artists and students from animation and audiovisual schools to launch their career. They will have opportunities to use their tools and knowledge in a progressive, innovative way, thanks to an ambitious programme of workshops, festivals and artistic residencies in six European countries, focusing on the teaching of 2D and 3D “projection” or “video mapping”.


picto_euranim_horizontal_noir  The Euranim partnership comprises European universities of Art and Design, from five different countries: Howest (Kortrijk, Belgium), MOME (Budapest, Hungary), Plymouth College of Art (Plymouth, United Kingdom), The Animation Workshop (Viborg, Denmark), Turku University of Applied Sciences (Turku, Finland). The project is led by the cultural organisation Rencontres Audiovisuelles (Lille, France) and is co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.
It brings together more than 60 partners from the creative industries, across these six countries.


picto_euranim_horizontal_noir  Euranim will enhance the career prospects and facilitate the mobility and cross-cultural exchange of more than 400 young digital artists and staff working on the project via the organisation of five international cultural events, which will attract more than 45.000 people.
Showcasing events will disseminate the results of the project activities and enable a sustainable network to be built. These showcases will demonstrate the opportunities offered by animation and video mapping in terms of artistic creativity, commercial use and wider societal benefit. All these events will also allow the general public to get familiar with this emerging creative medium and generate a demand for such creations.



picto_euranim_oeil_vert  Calendar


picto_euranim_horizontal_noir  2015
June 2015: project launch
September 2015: workshop + showcase event / Lille (France)


picto_euranim_horizontal_noir  2016
January 2016: workshop + showcase event / Kortrijk (Belgium)
March 2016: Fête de l’anim’ / Lille (France)
April 2016: Kiskakas Festival / Budapest (Hungary)
September 2016: VAF Viborg Animation Festival / Viborg (Denmark)


picto_euranim_horizontal_noir  2017
March 2017: Fête de l’anim’ / Lille (France)
April 2017: Kiskakas Festival / Budapest (Hungary)
September 2017: VAF Viborg Animation Festival / Viborg (Denmark)
November 2017: workshop + showcase event / Plymouth (United Kingdom)


picto_euranim_horizontal_noir  2018
January 2018: workshop + showcase event / Kortrijk (Belgium)
March 2018: Fête de l’anim’ / Lille (France)
September 2018: end of the project